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Video and Transcription of John Perry Barlow’s Chat With The Crowd – February 8, 2009

John Perry Barlow stopped by our event, and had a few words to say. (Video: Enric Teller) Complete transcription: Ya know, I met Joi Ito in Tim’s livingroom, when Joi actually was as young as he usually looks. And, for a while we had this idea that we wanted to start this project called the […]

Video and Transcription of Ralph Metzner’s Chat With The Crowd At Our February 8, 2009 San Francisco Event

Ralph Metzner came to our February 8th Reunion/Reception in San Francisco. Here’s a video and complete transcription of his chat with the audience about his new book coming out that he co-authored with Ram Dass and others, “Birth of a Psychedelic Culture: Conversations about Leary, the Harvard Experiments, Millbrook and the Sixties,“ and the first […]

Brian Shields on KRON Channel 4 Covers Our February 8th Event!

Brian Shields put together this great piece for KRON Channel 4, San Francisco, featuring Brewster Kahle, John Perry Barlow, Ralph Metzner, and Michael Horowitz. You can see all the individual interviews too, right here, on Brian Shields’ website.

Pictures From Our February 8th Event In San Francisco

Our event was a huge success. We’ll be writing about this for weeks. It was a truly historic event. Here is a little gallery of pictures we’ve put together so far. Please keep sending us links to your photos and videos, and we’ll keep posting them here. Thanks!

CNET’s Daniel Terdiman Takes the First Peek at Tim’s Archives

Timothy Leary’s archives: Bridge from ’60s to ’90s – By Daniel Terdiman for CNET. There’s also a lovely photo gallery included in the piece.    (Thanks, Daniel!) Here’s a little excerpt: “Leary, as you probably know, was famous for his decades of experimental research into and promotion of the effects of hallucinogens, and over the years […]

Interview with Lisa Ferguson – Millbrook Kid and Director of “Children of the Revolution”

Lisa Ferguson is the daughter of Maynard and Flo Ferguson. The couple and their four children, Corby (6 1/2 yrs), Lisa (5 yrs), Bentley (3 yrs), Wilder (2 yrs). They lived there at Millbrook, with Tim and his two kids (Jack and Susan), where they all lived together for about 3 years (although her family […]

How Tim’s “Just Say KNOW” Campaign and KnoWare Software Company Were Born

This just in from our first guest blogger, Vicki Marshall. Vicki and her business partner, Ron Lawrence, collaborated with Tim on numerous publishing and software projects over the years. It was back in the daze of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign – and the media coverage was all pervasive. Ever since I was a […]

The Annotated Bibliography of Dr. Timothy Leary – Available Online

Update to this post: 3/21/12 – a better version than the Scribd version that this post used to link to has become available at the Open Library. Here is a link to the page with several formats to choose from at the Internet Archive. Here is a link that will bring it up right now, […]

From the Video Collection: The Afternoon Show – Mind Mirror

Here’s Tim in the 1980s on a show called “The Afternoon Show,” hosted by Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan. Tim says he was “turned on” to computers from his then 12 year-old stepson (Zach, from wife Barbara) and his then 13 year-old granddaughter, (Dieadre, from daughter Susan). Three minutes into the video, Ross McGowan asks […]