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How a scholarly hippie got pulled into the orbit of the psychedelic revolutionary whom then-President Nixon labeled “the most dangerous man in America” Lisa Rein conducts the first in-depth interview of Timothy Leary’s longtime archivist, Michael Horowitz Interview 1: December 1969 – November 1970 LR: How did you become Timothy Leary’s personal archivist? MH: I […]

Jennifer Ulrich Interviews Michael Horowitz Re: The Archival Catastrophe of 1975 and the Birth of ARCANA

Michael Horowitz, Dr. Timothy Leary’s Archivist, 1970 to the present Jennifer Ulrich, over at the New York Public Library (where Dr. Leary’s archives now live), has a new post about “The Archival Catastrophe of 1975,” when the Feds took possession of the archives and put Michael Horowitz, Tim’s archivist since 1970, on the stand in […]

MP3 and Transcription of Denis Berry on Air America’s “Doin Time with Ron Kuby”

Denis Berry was on Air America’s Doin Time with Ron Kuby. Here’s an MP3:  Ron Kuby Interviews Denis Berry – March 4, 2009 This program was aired on March 4, 2009. Complete Transcription Ron Kuby: We bring you this flashback because the archives of Dr. Timothy Leary are being digitized and placed on the net […]

Interview with Joi Ito – Meeting Tim, Collaborating with Tim, Being Tim’s Godson

Q: In this video, he calls you his godson? What’s the story behind that? A: I met Tim on the evening of my birthday when I was turning 24 in Tokyo, in Roppongi, through a mutual friend, David Kubiak. I remember, because I asked him about the number “23” and the whole Cosmic Trigger book […]

Interview with Lisa Ferguson – Millbrook Kid and Director of “Children of the Revolution”

Lisa Ferguson is the daughter of Maynard and Flo Ferguson. The couple and their four children, Corby (6 1/2 yrs), Lisa (5 yrs), Bentley (3 yrs), Wilder (2 yrs). They lived there at Millbrook, with Tim and his two kids (Jack and Susan), where they all lived together for about 3 years (although her family […]

Interview with’s Joey Cavella and Chris Graves – Part 2

Joey Cavella and Chris Graves explain how they set up the “Consciousnet” bulletin board for Tim in 1993, and then how Joi Ito (Tim’s Godson) ran into their house in 1994 and demonstrated Mosaic for them on the Internet. Joey, Chris and Tim had all been working on a CD-Rom, but when they learned about […]

Interview with’s Joey Cavella and Chris Graves – Part 1

Joey Cavella and Chris Graves were on the original web development team. Joey and Chris flew all the way from New York and LA to attend our November 15, 2008 Video Collection Launch Party at the Internet Archive. The next morning, down at Fisherman’s Wharf, I asked them to tell us a little about […]

Interview With Hassan I Sirius, Editor of “Leary On Drugs”

Just in time for the holidays! A new collection of Leary’s drug writings, Leary On Drugs, has just been released from RE/Search Publications. We managed to catch up with Hassan I Sirius, who edited the collection, to ask him a few questions about his use of Tim’s archives in compiling the book. Note: Although the […]