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Leary, McLuhan and Electronic Technology

New article for Boing Boing: ┬áTimothy Leary and Marshall McLuhan, Turned On and Tuned In By Michael Horowitz & Lisa Rein In 1974, when asked by Timothy Leary’s archivist Michael Horowitz for a statement of support for the imprisoned psychologist, Marshall McLuhan sent a letter, now published for the first time, describing Leary as “the […]

Interview with Joi Ito – Meeting Tim, Collaborating with Tim, Being Tim’s Godson

Q: In this video, he calls you his godson? What’s the story behind that? A: I met Tim on the evening of my birthday when I was turning 24 in Tokyo, in Roppongi, through a mutual friend, David Kubiak. I remember, because I asked him about the number “23” and the whole Cosmic Trigger book […]

Interview with’s Joey Cavella and Chris Graves – Part 2

Joey Cavella and Chris Graves explain how they set up the “Consciousnet” bulletin board for Tim in 1993, and then how Joi Ito (Tim’s Godson) ran into their house in 1994 and demonstrated Mosaic for them on the Internet. Joey, Chris and Tim had all been working on a CD-Rom, but when they learned about […]

Interview with’s Joey Cavella and Chris Graves – Part 1

Joey Cavella and Chris Graves were on the original web development team. Joey and Chris flew all the way from New York and LA to attend our November 15, 2008 Video Collection Launch Party at the Internet Archive. The next morning, down at Fisherman’s Wharf, I asked them to tell us a little about […]