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Video and Transcription of John Perry Barlow’s Chat With The Crowd – February 8, 2009

John Perry Barlow stopped by our event, and had a few words to say. (Video: Enric Teller) Complete transcription: Ya know, I met Joi Ito in Tim’s livingroom, when Joi actually was as young as he usually looks. And, for a while we had this idea that we wanted to start this project called the […]

Brian Shields on KRON Channel 4 Covers Our February 8th Event!

Brian Shields put together this great piece for KRON Channel 4, San Francisco, featuring Brewster Kahle, John Perry Barlow, Ralph Metzner, and Michael Horowitz. You can see all the individual interviews too, right here, on Brian Shields’ website.

Pictures From Our February 8th Event In San Francisco

Our event was a huge success. We’ll be writing about this for weeks. It was a truly historic event. Here is a little gallery of pictures we’ve put together so far. Please keep sending us links to your photos and videos, and we’ll keep posting them here. Thanks!