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Rex Morgan Clippings from 1966

From the archives of Michael Horowitz. Michael sez: “1966 was the year LSD was banned, Millbrook was raided, and Tim was sentenced to 30 years for the Laredo border bust. Here is evidence that even the comics were on his case. These two strips are all I have of the story that went on at […]

Interview with Lisa Ferguson – Millbrook Kid and Director of “Children of the Revolution”

Lisa Ferguson is the daughter of Maynard and Flo Ferguson. The couple and their four children, Corby (6 1/2 yrs), Lisa (5 yrs), Bentley (3 yrs), Wilder (2 yrs). They lived there at Millbrook, with Tim and his two kids (Jack and Susan), where they all lived together for about 3 years (although her family […]