Interview with’s Joey Cavella and Chris Graves – Part 2

Joey Cavella and Chris Graves explain how they set up the “Consciousnet” bulletin board for Tim in 1993, and then how Joi Ito (Tim’s Godson) ran into their house in 1994 and demonstrated Mosaic for them on the Internet.

Joey, Chris and Tim had all been working on a CD-Rom, but when they learned about the Internet, within five minutes, they all realized that the CD-Rom needed to be a website. That’s how was born.

Joi, Chris, and Joey will all be at the Reception, Film Premiere, and Party in San Francisco on February 8th at 111 Minna!

Video by Lisa Rein. Available under a
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License

Chris, Joey, and Joi will all be at our Reception/Film/Party Event this Sunday night, February 8th!

Have you RSVP‘d yet? 🙂

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