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International Federation For Internal Freedom – Statement of Purpose

While transcribing Bruce Damer’s talk to the crowd at our February 8, 2009 reunion and reception, Bruce referenced the IFIF, the “International Federation for Internal Freedom,” an organization created by Tim and the group we was doing research with while at Harvard. Here is the organization’s Statement of Purpose: Statement of Purpose of the Internal […]

Video: Tim Explains How He’ll Use His Online Archives In The Future

In the process of creating our new Donate page, we came across this nice clip of Tim from late 1995/early 1996, where explains how he’ll be able to search online through his own archives in the future, after he has been reanimated. When this video was recorded, Tim was planning on having his head cryonically […]

The Annotated Bibliography of Dr. Timothy Leary – Available Online

Update to this post: 3/21/12 – a better version than the Scribd version that this post used to link to has become available at the Open Library. Here is a link to the page with several formats to choose from at the Internet Archive. Here is a link that will bring it up right now, […]

About the Futique Trust

The word “Futique” was coined by Timothy Leary when he began designing computer software in the 1980s. “‘Futique’ is the opposite of ‘antique,’” he said. And, let’s face it, everything about Timothy Leary was aimed at the future. Thus, he called his company Futique, Inc. Futique was a consortium of artists, writers, programmers, designers, educators […]