The Annotated Bibliography of Dr. Timothy Leary – Available Online

leary-bibliography-coverUpdate to this post: 3/21/12 – a better version than the Scribd version that this post used to link to has become available at the Open Library.

Here is a link to the page with several formats to choose from at the Internet Archive.

Here is a link that will bring it up right now, two to a page in your browser.

Tim’s Annotated Bibliography, by Michael Horowitz, Karen Walls and Billy Smith, is now available online.

We’re not sure who put it up there, but we’re glad it’s there, until we can scan a copy of our own from Tim’s archives. (Of course, our copy at the Internet Archive will be OCR’d and searchable…and in HTML, eventually 🙂

Michael Horowitz, Tim’s Personal Archivist and Bibliographer (for over thirty-five years!), sent me this note:

“I am amazed!  When you have time read TL’s intro where he extolls the importance of archivists and predicts the future of electronic/ digital books. He modemed his intro to us in the mid 1980s!

I’ll never forget reading it as it slowly downloaded on our computer screen (a Morrow Design computer that took up an entire desktop). Tim was thrilled to be able to send the preface to us electronically, in December 1986, from his home in Laurel Canyon, California, to us in Novato, California.”


As Tim explains this himself in the Introduction to the Bibliography:

“At this moment I am typing these thoughts into a computer from whence they will be modemed to Michael Horowitz and Karen Walls and Billy Smith and then transferred in silicon digital patterns to the printing presses that print the letters which are NOW hitting your retina. My brain and yours thus linked in electronic interaction.”

On the inside page, there is an inscription:

“To Rosemary, One of the greatest presences in this book. – Love, Michael”

Michael Horowitz will all be at our Reception/Film/Party Event this Sunday night, February 8th!

Have you RSVP‘d yet? 🙂

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