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Dr. Ralph Metzner Comments A Bit On All the Recent Press

Here’s Ralph’s post on his own blog about the last few weeks of press on the archives. Ralph was a graduate student at Harvard, working on his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, which he received.  He took graduate classes with Leary and Alpert, was introduced to psilocybin mushrooms, and became a research assistant on the Harvard […]

The Economist Weighs In: “Research into hallucinogenic drugs begins to shake off decades of taboo”

Nice to see that, for the most part, the Economist gets it! This piece keeps an open mind about the potential benefits of this research finally being published and made publicly available. Acid tests: Research into hallucinogenic drugs begins to shake off decades of taboo Excerpted from the article: “These papers will be interesting not […]

Time Magazine: ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health

Time Magazine has just announced an exciting new study recently released from Johns Hopkins University. Here’s a link to the full report in the Journal Psychopharmacology. Michael Horowitz (Tim’s personal archivist) sez: “The acquisition of the Timothy Leary Archives by the New York Public Library represents a turning point in the academic acceptance of the […]

The Annotated Bibliography of Dr. Timothy Leary – Available Online

Update to this post: 3/21/12 – a better version than the Scribd version that this post used to link to has become available at the Open Library. Here is a link to the page with several formats to choose from at the Internet Archive. Here is a link that will bring it up right now, […]