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From the Video Collection: The Afternoon Show – Mind Mirror

Here’s Tim in the 1980s on a show called “The Afternoon Show,” hosted by Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan. Tim says he was “turned on” to computers from his then 12 year-old stepson (Zach, from wife Barbara) and his then 13 year-old granddaughter, (Dieadre, from daughter Susan). Three minutes into the video, Ross McGowan asks […]

About the Futique Trust

The word “Futique” was coined by Timothy Leary when he began designing computer software in the 1980s. “‘Futique’ is the opposite of ‘antique,’” he said. And, let’s face it, everything about Timothy Leary was aimed at the future. Thus, he called his company Futique, Inc. Futique was a consortium of artists, writers, programmers, designers, educators […]