Timothy Leary to Vaclav Havel:
“You Have Done Good, My Brother”

New article for Boing Boing:

Prototype dissidents: Timothy Leary and Václav Havel at the dawn of the internet age

By Lisa Rein & Michael Horowitz, for Boing Boing


On July 4, 1992, fifteen years after it was published, Leary inscribed a copy of Neuropolitics, his most political book, to Vaclav Havel, to acknowledge the success of the Velvet Revolution that catapulted Havel to the presidency of his country.

From the article:

When Leary explained that “one dissident electronic-media expert [or] one libertarian psychologist can jam the system”—Leary always considered himself a libertarian psychologist—he anticipated a time of electronic-media whistleblowers that then seemed like science fiction.

Now, decades later, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are household names. And they are only the most prominent of those who have successfully jammed the system, exposing the extent of government misdeeds and the secrecy surrounding them.”

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