Timothy Leary’s “Declaration of Evolution”
In English and Persian

Declaration of Evolution – In English and Persian (PDF)

Timothy Leary and Rosemary Leary, 1968

Timothy Leary and Rosemary Leary, 1968

“The Declaration of Evolution” was written in 1968 and first published in Timothy Leary’s The Politics of Ecstasy, as the opening section of the final chapter, “Neurological Politics.”

It has been described as “a manifesto for the psychedelic generation, modeled on the 1776 American ‘Declaration of Independence'” (Leary Bibliography).

The chapter was later released as a pamphlet (several thousand copies were printed), to raise money for “Holding Together,” a legal defense fund set up for Leary after his imprisonment in March 1970 for possession of two half-smoked marijuana cigarettes.

The pamphlet was printed and published by the Mystic Arts Press, operated by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, the legendary group of international LSD distributors, who later that year played a key role in Leary’s prison escape engineered by the Weather Underground.

This is the first Persian translation of any of Leary’s writings.

In view of the recent improvement in relations between the United States and Iran,  a Persian translation of this text seems timely and important.

Special thanks to our translators, Fazel Malekie (who initiated the project) and Behdad Esfahbod (who graciously provided the final version).

Thanks also to Michael Horowitz for providing historical context.

Cover of the Mystic Arts Press (Brotherhood of Eternal Love) Edition, 1970

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