Video: Tim Explains How He’ll Use His Online Archives In The Future

In the process of creating our new Donate page, we came across this nice clip of Tim from late 1995/early 1996, where explains how he’ll be able to search online through his own archives in the future, after he has been reanimated.

When this video was recorded, Tim was planning on having his head cryonically frozen, and being reanimated in the future. However, as his death grew near, and the cryonics people started moving in all the equipment they needed to chop off and preserve his head, they also came in with a lot of rules.

Tim decided he didn’t “want to wake up in 50 years to people with clip boards and no sense of humor.” Consequently, his head was not frozen.

Tim was cremated, and some of his ashes were shot into space with Gene Roddenberry’s, where they still circle the earth to this day.

“The first months after my reanimation, I can study…I can trace back, and re-live my life…Whatever I do, people will learn from my mistakes.”
— Dr. Timothy Leary

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