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Violence Is Killing With Machines At A Distance – Part Two

This is the continuation after part one on VIOLENCE IS KILLING WITH MACHINES AT A DISTANCE (excerpts from an essay originally published in Alternatives to Violence, 1968) By Dr. Timothy Francis Leary The Judeo-Christian civilization uses alcohol as its ritual sacrament. In the good old days, fermented wines and beers provided the mystery, the […]

The Economist Weighs In: “Research into hallucinogenic drugs begins to shake off decades of taboo”

Nice to see that, for the most part, the Economist gets it! This piece keeps an open mind about the potential benefits of this research finally being published and made publicly available. Acid tests: Research into hallucinogenic drugs begins to shake off decades of taboo Excerpted from the article: “These papers will be interesting not […]

Nice Post By The Berkeley Blog About Tim’s Legendary Mind

A lovely, historically accurate, trip down memory lane, courtesy of David Presti, senior lecturer of neurobiology at CAL. The numbered footnotes in the excerpt below link directly to the relevant Johns Hopkins University research study. Oh boy oh boy, do we have a lot of Johns Hopkins University research studies to talk about! 🙂 Here’s […]

Time Magazine: ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health

Time Magazine has just announced an exciting new study recently released from Johns Hopkins University. Here’s a link to the full report in the Journal Psychopharmacology. Michael Horowitz (Tim’s personal archivist) sez: “The acquisition of the Timothy Leary Archives by the New York Public Library represents a turning point in the academic acceptance of the […]