Video Archive

The Timothy Leary Futique Trust is proud to announce its collaboration with The Internet Archive in releasing Tim’s archives to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License.

Our first collection is already live at the Internet Archive! It just went live December 22, 2008.

You can check it out here at the Timothy Leary Movie Archive.

These videos were digitized in 2006 by filmmaker Rene Daalder together with the following students from various departments at UC Santa Cruz: Jon Giusti, Megan Daalder, Chris Sheritz, Richard Caceres, Jon Hrabko and Ashley Crawford.

Daalder’s feature-length documentary, “The Terrestrials,” uses the digitization of the archives as a take-off point for the students’ own psychedelic re-evaluation of reality, allowing the audience to revisit Tim’s legacy through the eyes of today’s internet generation.