Futique Trust


The Official Website For The Timothy Leary Futique Trust is http://www.timothyleary.org

The word “Futique” was coined by Timothy Leary when he began designing computer software in the 1980s.

“‘Futique’ is the opposite of ‘antique,'” he said.

And, let’s face it, everything about Timothy Leary was aimed at the future. Thus, he called his company Futique, Inc.

Futique was a consortium of artists, writers, programmers, designers, educators and, of course, philosophers all working toward a common goal.

When Timothy was near the end of (t)his life, he put all his assets IN TRUST for the future – and so Futique, Inc. became The Futique Trust.

The trust is principally his archival material which consists of a huge collection of papers and memorabilia from his birth certificate, through all phases of his life and his attention getting death.

The Trust also holds his publishing rights, archival materials and any business dealing involving Tim.  It was structured for his heirs to be able to reap the rewards of his legacy.

When Dr. Leary put his affairs in order before his death in 1996, he asked Donna Scott and Rosemary Leary to be his trustees.  Donna and her husband, famed movie diector, Tony Scott were good friends of Tims and shared, among other things, many Sunday evening dinners together at Mr. Chows.

Rosemary was Tim’s wife during the sixties.  She was with him at Millbrook, helped mastermind his escape from prison and flight to Algeria, and finally their stay in Switzerland.  Even though they parted in Switzerland and she went underground for the next 25 years, they reconnected about 2 years before his death and he asked her to oversee, with Donna, the Futique Trust.

When Rosemary died in 2002, Denis Berry, who was appointed alternate trustee in Tim’s will, assumed Rosemary’s spot.  Denis met Tim through her “Dial a Wife” business, and they became good friends.

Denis shared Tim’s house for about 2 years, from 1993-1995 or so, before she moved to Santa Cruz, California. (And not long before Tim’s death, in 1996.)