Dr. Timothy Leary’s “Declaration of Evolution” – In English and Persian

Here is the final and accurate translation – two and a half years in the making!

*****this below kept for historical record only***

Here’s the post from June 25, 2009:

In light of what’s been going on in Iran this past week, we thought this Persian Google translation of Dr. Leary’s “Declaration of Evolution” was rather timely.

When I asked Michael Horowitz, Tim’s Personal Archivist, about how he remembers Tim feeling about this particular work, he had this to say:

“Tim considered it “A manifesto for the psychedelic generation modeled on the Declaration of Independence” (TL Bibliography, p. 190).

It was published as the final chapter of his seminal collection, THE POLITICS OF ECSTASY (1968), and afterward, in periodical and pamphlet form. Tim preferred the term “evolution” until he was imprisoned and escaped in 1970, when he found “revolution” more suitable. But he reverted back to “evolution” when he began writing his Future History series, beginning with the monograph NEUROLOGIC, in 1973. He identified the emerging generation of scientifically-minded psychedelic activists as Evolutionary Agents or Change Agents, a concept recently adopted by members of both political parties (cf. Barack Obama).

The fact that this important text will now be available across the Middle East would have pleased Tim enormously. Getting his message out was what mattered most to him, especially when accomplished through the newest, most cutting-edge technology. (McLuhan’s statement, “the medium is the message,” was to Tim the most important concept in his lifetime as a communicator.)

Tim would be pleased by Twitter’s recent usage in Iran in helping democracy communicate its message to the masses (and back).”

— full text coming… 🙂

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