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1970’s News Clipping of Rosemary’s “Conspire-In Blowout”

Michael Horowitz thought we might enjoy a few tidbits from his own personal archives… This picture on the left was published on March 25, 1970. We’re not sure what the publication was. From Michael: “Rosemary did a benefit for Tim after his bail was taken away in an Orange County courtroom. Tim was jailed, and […]

Dr. Timothy Leary’s “Declaration of Evolution” – In English and Persian

Here is the final and accurate translation – two and a half years in the making! *****this below kept for historical record only*** Here’s the post from June 25, 2009: In light of what’s been going on in Iran this past week, we thought this Persian Google translation of Dr. Leary’s “Declaration of Evolution” was […]

Interview with Joi Ito – Meeting Tim, Collaborating with Tim, Being Tim’s Godson

Q: In this video, he calls you his godson? What’s the story behind that? A: I met Tim on the evening of my birthday when I was turning 24 in Tokyo, in Roppongi, through a mutual friend, David Kubiak. I remember, because I asked him about the number “23” and the whole Cosmic Trigger book […]

Video: Tim Explains How He’ll Use His Online Archives In The Future

In the process of creating our new Donate page, we came across this nice clip of Tim from late 1995/early 1996, where explains how he’ll be able to search online through his own archives in the future, after he has been reanimated. When this video was recorded, Tim was planning on having his head cryonically […]

How Tim’s “Just Say KNOW” Campaign and KnoWare Software Company Were Born

This just in from our first guest blogger, Vicki Marshall. Vicki and her business partner, Ron Lawrence, collaborated with Tim on numerous publishing and software projects over the years. It was back in the daze of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign – and the media coverage was all pervasive. Ever since I was a […]